Wyoming’s Landscape Sees Positive Changes

Wyoming SealWyoming Veterans ClinicAs a proud home owner in Wyoming since 1977, I am thrilled with all the new adventures and beginnings going on in the city. I think one of the best, and perhaps least known, is the new Veterans Clinic in Metro Village. Even if you are not a veteran, it’s worth your time to stop by and see this new and wonderful facility. The clinic is state-of-the-art on multiple levels. It’s a great resource to give our veterans the kind of care they need, and ultimately deserve, for their service of our country.

If you’d like to take a visit to tour the Veterans Clinic, just stop on by and talk to one of the clinic’s volunteers. They will be glad to give you a tour and information regarding the facility! If you have any interest in volunteering with the veterans, stop on by and ask. There are always volunteer opportunities for those who want it. Personally, I am there on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 8-noon.

The Veterans Clinic isn’t the only new thing is town. There is new construction around the city and new businesses as well! The awful, in my humble opinion, old Ponderosa building is being torn down and a brand new restaurant is being built in its place. Little Mexico restaurant will make a new home in front of the new turn on 28th St, which will be gone because of construction there. Please support this local business as they have decided to stay in Wyoming and add to the local opportunities that are available!

The new Wimsatt building off of 28th St.
The new Wimsatt building off of 28th St.

Another great addition to 28th St. is the new Wimsatt business. For people who don’t know what they do (like me) they are in construction supply. So, to all those Wyoming construction people, check out the new local business right on 28th St.

Also the old GM plant on 36th St. has a new realtor with international connections. That is a positive development and seems to be a step in the right direction.

I am very proud of the city of Wyoming and how it is turning itself around to a vibrant business plan. We are a city of progress and it bodes well for the city’s future. Wyoming is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.