Wyoming to Honor Alpha Wolves

WyomingAn Alpha Wolf is someone who stands out from the pack in everything they do. Not only is the Alpha Wolf a power by themselves, but they’re at their strongest when they can impact others. An Alpha Wolf is always proactive in helping others and strives to set the standard for those around them. On a scale of 1 to 10, the Alpha Wolf is an 11 in everything they do.


This Thursday – January 28 – for the first time, Wyoming High School will be honoring six students in an assembly as ‘Alpha Wolf 11 Champions of Character’ for their exemplary character inside the school walls. Every student is eligible for the award.


The award recognizes students for character and treating others with kindness and compassion at Wyoming High School. Being an Alpha Wolf 11 has nothing to do with what a student does in extracurriculars after school, but instead focuses on what they do during school hours, as people, to make the school a better place.


Wyoming High School faculty, support staff and administration all have a say in selecting six students, two from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, to honor with the award. During the ceremony, the six winners will be introduced with a personal description of why they were selected. A banner will then be revealed in the gymnasium recognizing the Alpha Wolf 11 Champion of Character winners.


The Alpha Wolf 11 Champion of Character award will be presented in front of the entire student body, special guests from the Wyoming community, school administration, and the Wyoming Board of Education Members in a ceremony at the end of each school semester. A special guest speaker will be there to commemorate the event.

Alpha Wolf


Not only will the students be given recognition in front of their peers and school administrators, but each student will receive a framed Alpha Wolf 11 Champion of Character certificate, lanyard, and their name placed on two large banners that will be displayed in the gymnasium and near the main office entrance of the building.


It’s a way for students to be celebrated for the little things they do to make a school environment friendly and something fun to be a part of. When the world asks for a 10, step up and give an 11.


WKTV will carry full video coverage of the assembly.