Wyoming, Michigan Artist’s ArtPrize Entry Shines Light on Peers

996027_249415478538872_1008400190_nBorn with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), 25-year-old Ty Dykema uses an electric wheelchair to get around. His activities may be restricted, but that doesn’t stop him from creating bold, colorful portraits. Physically unable to use a paintbrush, Dykema uses a Wacom tablet and ArtRage Studios painting and drawing software to create his works of art.

“Art is my purpose in life, and I have been actively creating for as long as I can remember,” Dykema said.

Dykema’s ArtPrize entry, “We Can’t Walk; So What!?” comprises three portraits printed on high-quality photo paper from ProLab Express and custom-framed for ArtPrize by Merizon Studios. Each framed piece measures 16″W x 20″H.

Born and raised in Wyoming, Michigan, Dykema thought the most appropriate project to enter would be a series of stylized portrait paintings of some of his peers.

“Each subject of the paintings uses a wheelchair in everyday life because they have SMA,” Dykema said. “They are important members of their communities and are exceptional in their respective crafts.”

Adam Davis is a hip-hop DJ from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tess Hazenberg is 1509307_505310736282677_6639163039909796673_nan MSU graduate currently doing social work in North Carolina. And Shane Burcaw is the CEO of the non-profit organization, Laughing At My Nightmare based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

“The theme of this project is simple—pay respects to and shine some much-deserved light on my people while showing the world what we CAN do, not just what we’re limited to,” said Dykema.

See Dykema’s ArtPrize entry at The B.O.B.  Here are the links to his ArtPrize page and Facebook page.