Wyoming KDL to Host Vegan Cooking Demo and Tasting

Wyoming LibraryBy: Carrie Bistline

The Wyoming Branch of the Kent District Library will host a vegan cooking demo and tasting workshop this Saturday, February 27, 2016, at 2 PM.

According to the KDL website event description, it is possible to embrace—or dabble in, if you’re like me—veganism, without forgoing “comfort foods like macaroni, pesto and chocolate cake,” and bacon. Ok, maybe I added bacon to the lineup. (But PETA says there really is vegan bacon!)

Why vegan? Aside from the animal activist portion (disclaimer: this is in no way a statement for/against/towards animal activism), you may be surprised by the health benefits spelled out in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition like “a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.”

The “Vegan-ize Your Favorite Comfort Food” event at Wyoming KDL promises an entertaining and informative Saturday afternoon to all who join, from the devout vegans to the skeptic foodies with one toe testing the waters.

VeganMaybe you’ll leave a born-again vegan. Or maybe you’ll go grill a steak. Either way, you’ll go home with a few party-pleaser recipes and the kind of satisfaction only learning new things can bring. Take it from a professional dabbler.

Carrie Bistline is a freelance writer, blogger and marketer with an MFA in Creative Writing. She divides her free time amongst family, work, sports and Jane Austen, and uses what’s left to chip away at her every-growing bucket list.