Wyoming HS Teen Recovering

by Deb Havens


The 17-year-old Wyoming High School girl seriously injured when struck by a Chevrolet Impala is recovering and even tries to joke a bit, says Principal Nate Robrahn, who visited her recently. “She comes from an incredible family, she’s a strong young lady,” he added. The student’s name will not be released.


Robrahn noted that when he visited the hospital, the WHS student was sitting up in a wheel chair despite suffering several broken bones. “But,” says Robrahn, “I  don’t expect her back at school right away.” Arrangements will be made with her family to ensure she doesn’t fall too far behind in her school work during her recovery. Efforts to support her, like the principal’s visit, are just part of Wyoming High School’s commitment to each student’s success, or as Robrahn puts it, “She’s part of the Wolf family!”