World Affairs Council offers ‘Peace’ talks at KDL’s Cascade branch

WKTV Contributor


The World Affairs Council of West Michigan will be hosting a series of talks on the subject of peace in modern times. (Supplied)

The World Affairs Council of Western Michigan and the Kent District Library will hold a series of three discussions titled “Give Peace a Chance” at the KDL Cascade Township Branch starting Thursday, April 13.


The Cascade library is located at 2870 Jack Smith Ave SE, Grand Rapids. The lectures, scheduled from 6:30-7:30 p.m. each day, are free, open to the public and free parking is provided.


The April 13 discussion, “Peace in Action”, will be led by Ann-Louise Colgan, Director of Public Education for the United States Institute of Peace. The discussion, according to supplied information, is described as follows: “Today’s world poses a dizzying and often depressing array of challenges, and violent conflicts seem to dominate our international headlines.  But work for peace persists, even in the most difficult circumstances, in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and beyond. What does it mean to be a peacebuilder today? How do we pursue peace in practice? What role can everyday people, and especially young people, play in building peace in our world?”


The Wednesday, April 19, discussion, “The New Peacebuilding: Challenges and Opportunities”, will be led by Dr. George Lopez, Hesburgh Professor of Peace Studies, Emeritus, Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame. Description: “Many pundits and professional politicians suggest that our era of global violence, and especially terrorism, makes peace a fantasy.  This presentation will challenge that claim and will illustrate the new pathways to building peace, particularly on ways in which individual citizens and larger civil society groups can play important roles in building peace in their local communities and especially in outreach to the wider world.”


The Thursday, April 27, discussion, “Perspectives on Peace in the New Administration”, will be led by Dr. Frederic Pearson, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Wayne State University. Description: “With the presidential elections so recent, it is unclear what direction the new administration will take. Dr. Pearson will outline President Trump’s first 100 days in office. Given the trends in his presidential policy thus far, he’ll assess what that means for the prospects of peace worldwide.”


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