Workshop combines ‘Practicing Inclusivity’ principles and conscious relaxation

As part of its Women of Color Convening series, Our Kitchen Table offers “Setting Intention for Inclusivity,” 6 to 9 p.m. March 16, 23 and 30 at Sherman Street Church, 1000 Sherman St. SE. Wyoming resident, Stelle Slootmaker, a trained Yoga Nidra facilitator, will lead the three-part workshop. An OKT staff member, she has completed training in Practicing Inclusivity. Each session will combine Yoga Nidra guided relaxation and dialogue based on the principles of Practicing Inclusivity, a paradigm shift in how we, as change agents, can create a better world for all.


“Virtually everyone knows about Inclusivity … We all have a common need to be connected to others for our own wellbeing. However, our differences and viewpoints get in the way. It’s only by being aware of and practicing Inclusivity that we can overcome our current situation and satisfy this common need … We can actually transform our complex societal problems through Inclusivity – but only if we practice it,” says Shariff Abdullah, consultant, author and founder of Commonway Institute for Societal Transformation.


Yoga Nidra does not involve exercise — anyone can take part. The practice turns one’s attention inward where the consciousness can function at a much deeper level of awareness. In this deep state, you can achieve deep rest, inspire creativity and set your intentions deep within the subconscious where they may more easily take root and grow. This workshop will help you set a successful intention that guides you in your work for change and powerfully unites you with others holding the same intention.


Stelle Slootmaker

“Personally, Yoga Nidra has been a great help in my life,” Slootmaker said. “On those days when I am super busy, overwhelmed or exhausted, taking 20 to 30 minutes to practice Yoga Nidra refreshes my body and calms my mind so I have energy for the rest of the day’s tasks. The practice has also helped me realize some very important intentions.”


OKT invites its constituents, community members and all those working for social justice and inclusivity to attend. Space is limited to 20 participants. The cost of $60 to $175 (sliding scale) includes workbook, “Practicing Inclusivity.” OKT constituents currently involved in OKT programming attend for free. For information, email