Win Your Own Pace Car in WKTV’s The Great American Muscle Car Giveaway!

If you’ve dreamed of cruising in style down 28th Street, imagine cruising in your own perfectly restored 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Indy Pace Car. Sound good?

Enter to win THIS car! (Photo by Tom Costello)
Enter to win THIS car! (Photo by Tom Costello)


Take the first step in making that dream a reality by purchasing raffle tickets for WKTV’s Great American Muscle Car Giveaway!


Purchase three raffle tickets for $20 for a chance to win a $75 thousand restored Indy 500 pace car as part of the station’s fundraising effort for Metro Cruise production. Tickets can be purchased at WKTV, 5261 Clyde Park SW, Wyoming, MI. 49509, or go online via Pay Pal for your opportunity to win.


“This is a great opportunity for funding some of WKTV community media projects,” says Tom Norton, General Manager of WKTV, “And to be able to connect with the extremely popular classical car event called Metro Cruise.


“At the same time we will reach out to children through the fire safety component through our partnership with 1 Fire Safety—a 501 C3 Charity for Kids,” he adds. “We are proud to be the hub of all of that.”


Winners will be announced live during programming at the Corvette Nationals in Chicago on Nov.23, 2014. Swing by the station Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. to buy your raffle tickets and show your support for your community media center – WKTV!



5 thoughts on “Win Your Own Pace Car in WKTV’s The Great American Muscle Car Giveaway!

  1. I received no tickets or receipt after sending a check for tickets to address that was given. Please check on this for me and send them. Thank you

  2. We will look into this for you and get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. Janice Limbaugh, WKTV Community Media.

  3. Where can one find out who the winner was of the Concours “70” Olds Cutlass Indy Pace Car Convertible from the giveaway drawing on November 23, 2014 (11/23/2014)? Your help is appreciated.
    Thank you!
    Barbie McCullough

  4. Hi Barbie,
    Thanks for your patience with my response; I have the answer for you!
    The winner was David Swanstum of Minneapolis, MN. Because the minimum of 10k tickets were not sold, the raffle reverted to a 50/50 raffle. Mr. Swanstrum received a $13,000 cash prize with the balance, after expenses going to support children programming on WKTV about fire safety and burn prevention.
    Thank you for your interest and support of WKTV Community Media!

    All the best,
    Janice Limbaugh, editor –

  5. Janice,

    Thank you for you response on the winner from the ’70 Olds Place Car raffle. I appreciate it. I look forward to future changes at winning a muscle car pace car.

    Thank you for your time and help. Have a great day!

    Barbie McCullough

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