WKTV Kicks Off Digital Cinema Guild

colleen_piersonAre you interested in developing skills as a digital cinematographer? Are you a filmmaker who would like access to WKTV’s extensive equipment inventory? Join the WKTV Cinema Guild!

Tom Norton, President of WKTV is more than passionate about the formation of the guild.

“The Digital Cinema Guild is going to be a huge asset to film makers.  The pedigree WKTV has as instructors and the caliber of pro gear is the perfect blend.  WKTV truly believes this is a logical step in building stronger, more creative and more vibrant use of community media.  Films, be they documentaries or narrative shorts and features are a powerful voice in any community.  We want everyone to have those tools to make their messages and stories a reality,” he explained.

WKTV invites area residents to discover the possibilities at a kick-off event on September 22 at 7 p.m. The kick-off event will be held at the studio at 5261 Clyde Park Ave. SW, Wyoming, MI 49509. The even will showcase the Cinema Guild’s:Digital Cinema - Black Magic

  • Onsite Workshops
  • Online Explorations
  • Opportunities for Screening Your Work

The People

WKTV has engaged two of the area’s most experienced filmmakers to facilitate its Digital Cinema Guild.

  • Barbara Roos, founder of Grand Valley State University’s Film & Video Program, brings more than 40 years’ experience as a scriptwriter, film maker, and professor of film. She joined academia from an award-winning career in public broadcasting, both television and radio.
  • Girbe Eefsting has spent an equal number of years producing films for advertising agencies, corporations, governmental agencies, NGOs and NPOs, including ten years with Grand Rapids Community Media Center. In 1996, Girbe founded the Grand Valley Summer Film Program. In 2010, he founded Film Farm, a company specializing in media production, education and preservation.

Edit Suite“The Digital Cinema Guild becomes part of the explosive nationwide growth of innovative production approaches incorporating digital technologies,” Eefsting explains.

Prof. Roos reminds us that media production efforts in the real world as well as in classroom depends on cooperating communities, and welcomes WKTV’s effort to broaden the depth and the scope of our west Michigan community by way of the opportunities offered by membership in the DCG.

“Producing media makes us all life-long learners,” Roos notes.  “And at the same time we are all life long teachers.”  Current growth in the role of  digital media – by international institutions on the one hand and by first-time digital camera individual users  on the other – makes The Digital Cinema Guild a hot topic!”

The Program

  • Online Workshops: Under the direction of successful digital film experts, Digital Cinema Guild members can take part in ongoing, weekly workshops at three levels: 1) Pre production & Script writing; 2) Production: and 3) Post-production, marketing and distribution
  • Online Explorations: Guild members can access web-based information modules that share additional skills and information. Members will also be able to mentor each other through an online Digital Cinema Guild Forum.
  • Opportunities for Screening Work: WKTV’s organizational goal for the Guild is to have more programming to broadcast on its public access television station.

For information, visit www.WKTV.org or call 616-261-5700