WKTV features ‘Sugar Baby’ as its midnite movie this month

WKTV Midnite Movie “Sugar Baby” will air at midnight Friday, April 14 on WKTV Comcast Channel 25 and AT&T U-verse Channel 99.

A Boat Angel Outreach Center presentation, “Sugar Baby” is filmed in Calcutta.The production is reminiscent of “Slumdog Millionaire.” The grittiness of the streets make an excellent backdrop to the three young street singers who are desperate for a break and a permanent ticket out of the grinding poverty. “Sugar Baby” features Indian actor Soumitra Chatterjee in his first English role.

The lives of three young girls are changed forever when they are asked to  take care of an infant girl “Sugarbaby.” The girls learn to juggle their star filled aspirations while street-dancing to make money to live and support the baby, when a turn of events puts the girls on the run and in fear of their own and Sugrbaby’s lives.
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