WKTV and Global Force Productions are going on a safari

Global Force Productions, a West Michigan-based international production company, specializing in CG animation, is bringing a new children’s educational program to WKTV. “Jake’s Safari,” was written by West Virginia actor/writer, George R. Snider, III. Global


“We fell in love with Mr. Snider’s story and its characters, so we attracted the production work to Grand Rapids,” said Randy Bassin, Force’s founder and executive producer of this show.


Together with talent from west Michigan and throughout the Midwest, along with the animation team at Global Force’s south India studios, under the direction of Terry Vanden Akker, TV audiences will experience a truly international safari for kids from pre-kindergarten through second grade. The show will air Mondays at 3:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m. on WKTV channel 25.


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Globe Force Productions Founder Randy Bassin with Chiku from the company’s animated children’s show “Jake’s Safari.”

“Jake’s Safari,” which was nominated for a 2016 Eclipse Award for animation, is a half hour children’s program produced with both live actors and CG animated characters. The show will attract an international audience of both girls and boys. It is the story of Jake, a photo-journalist with “Wild World Magazine,” who experiences new adventures with his wise Zulu guide, Jabali, and his two animated sidekicks — a precocious monkey named Chiku and an easy living tiger named Tahla. Throughout the episode, audiences will meet Maribel, the assignment editor for “Wild World Magazine,” and Jake’s animated email messenger Rasul (a cheetah). Along the way you’ll be introduced to a wide variety of CG animals from different countries.


On Safari with Jake and his friends, viewers will traverse the world meeting new cultures, exploring exotic locations, learning about wildlife, promoting healthy childhood development, good morals, and even sharing photography tips designed for children.


For more information, visit Jake’s website at www.jakessafari.com or email Jake at goingonsafari@jakessafari.com.