Weather emergencies can lead to dishonest Vendors. Stay safe with these tips!

100_1140With the severity of  damages caused by the tornado in the Kentwood/Wyoming area it is important to hire vendors that are reputable.


Bob O’ Callaghan, President of the Kentwood/Wyoming Better Business Bureau warns individuals of the unscrupulous behavior that some vendors exhibit. “There is so much clean up to be done.  People have to be very careful when hiring suppliers. They can start by calling the Better Business Bureau and the Home Builder’s Association,” he explained.


To save you the time–we made the calls!


Emily Lubbers, Executive Officer at the Home Builder’s Association, directs homeowners to go to their website and find a vendor who is licensed and insured.  You will find a complete list of reputable vendors.  Do this by going to then proceed to the Start Here tab and scroll down to Browse Our Membership.   This list contains vendors that are recommended by the Association. They are all fully licensed and insured.


Emily also invites individuals to contact their office by dialing 616- 281-2021.  She and her staff will recommend builders and suppliers.


“They can contact our  office and we will make time to help them,” she said.


Their office is set up to field calls and help homeowners that were affected by the tornado.


Phil Catlett, President of the Better Business Bureau serving Western Michigan, gave numerous tips on how not to be taken advantage of during this critical time:


#1:  Don’t let your emotions get in the way in trying to get homes and vehicles fixed as quickly as possible.   Take enough time and consult numerous resources.


#2:  Try to use a local business with a solid reputation.  Homeowners may get “storm chasers” knocking on their doors and offering services.   Be Careful.  Check them out thoroughly and completely.


#3:  Make sure whomever you hire is licensed.   They also have to have a door to door solicitation. Ask to see these.   In order to find out if someone is licensed, homeowners can go to


Many thanks to Bob, Emily and Phil for taking the time out of their busy schedules to provide up-to-the- minute current information to assist individuals in need.