Volunteers shine at the Volunteer Award Banquet

  • WKTV's Volunteer Award Banquet
  • Doug Hansen - Lifetime Achievement
  • Thomas Hegewald - Community Service Programming
  • Citizen Reporters
  • Members of the 100 hour club
  • First time volunteers at the station
  • Five year award winners
  • 10 year award winners
  • Started volunteering at the start of the millennium - 15 years
  • 20 years of service to WKTV

















The WKTV community gathered at Stony Brook Country Club on April 1 – and that’s no April Fools – to celebrate the volunteers to who make the station so special.


Since its inception as only the second community media station in the country in 1974, WKTV has given everyday citizens a platform for their voice and message to be heard. Volunteers have access to state-of-the-art video and editing equipment, studio space, a television channel, and an online newspaper to help mold their messages and stories about the communities they live in.


The best part? It’s all free!


Volunteer Banquet 2016Over 300 volunteers take advantage of the services WKTV has to offer in production, recording, editing, writing and filming. The Volunteer Appreciation Banquet is one way for the station to say thank you.


The banquet started with cocktails and a meet and greet before everyone sat down for dinner. The presentation of the awards followed dinner, but not before the premier of the annual volunteer appreciation videos courtesy of Nate Diedrich and the WKTV Production Staff.


“Producing these videos for the volunteer appreciation event allows us to express our sincere gratitude for all the effort our volunteers and producers put into creating quality content throughout the year,” said Nate.



When the room finally quieted down from all the laughter, the awards were ready to be handed out.


Volunteer of the Year - Doug Remtema
Volunteer of the Year – Doug Remtema

Volunteer of the Year was rewarded to Doug Remtema for his willingness and ability to help out on multiple projects at the station. Doug is a real pro and makes life easier on whichever project is lucky enough to utilize his talents.


Doug Hansen was recognized for Lifetime Achievement. Doug started at the station back in the 80s and has continued to be a resource for both volunteers and staff members.


Kathryn Gray was chosen as Citizen Reporter of the Year for her ability to make individuals come alive through the written word.


Community Service Programming went to Thomas Hegewald. The Community Service award is given to the volunteer who not only creates their own programming, but is also willing to volunteer on other projects as well.


On top of the four individual awards, volunteers were recognized for their individual service at the station.


23 volunteers were first year volunteers, 16 joined the 100 hour club, six citizen reporters in attendance were recognized for their yearly contributions, four volunteers were recognized for five years at the station, two volunteers were recognized for 10 years, four volunteers were recognized for 15 years, and two volunteers were recognized for 20 years of service.


20 years of volunteering at WKTV
20 years of volunteering at WKTV

19 shows were recognized for Program Dedication Awards.


WKTV is run by the volunteers who make everything possible. The volunteer banquet is one more night for them to shine.


Full list of volunteers recognized:


Volunteer of the Year: Doug Remtema


Citizen Reporter of the Year: Kathryn Gray


Community Service Programing: Thomas Hegewald


Lifetime Achievement Award: Doug Hansen


100 Hour Club

Terri Rees – 711

Doug Remtema – 494

Gary Vande Velde – 480

Alan Dunst – 446

Mike Bacon – 279

Barb VanDuren – 278

Thomas Hegewald – 249

Tom Sibley – 220

Sophia Maslowski – 190

Phil Moore – 172

Carrie Bradstreet – 149

Dan Simone – 122

Kristyn Miller – 117

Nathan Krzykwa – 111

Doug Hansen – 110

Athina Morehouse – 103


Program Dedication

A Day in the Dirt – Gary Vande Velde

Catholic Forum – Alan Dunst

Community Awareness – Donna Smith

Feel Like You Belong – Alan Headbloom

Fools for Christ – Jim Dohm

High School Sports – Paul Kableman

Is That Really Me on TV – Melanie Evans

OnPoint – Thomas Hegewald

River Reflections – Rosemary Burns

Senior Exercise – Chris Rush

Silent Voices – Dennis Lawrence

So & Mo Presents – Sophia Maslowski

Sounds of Summer – Patty Williams

Talking God & Guns – Janice Brown

Tips, Tricks & Techniques – Chef Terri Rees

Veteran’s History Project – James Smither

Whittlin’ Time – Mike Bacon

VMTV – Hung Nguyen

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me America – Carrie Bradstreet


First Year


Dan Davis – Whittlin’ Time

Gina Greenlee – OnPoint

Robert Gonzalez – Sports/Plus

Wendy Jenkins – Silent Voices

Mark Kelly – Sports

Mark Lange – Sports

Linh Le – VMTV

Cameron McCargar – Sports

Brice Miller – Sports

Athina Morehouse – OnPoint

Angela Peavey – Indie Films

Reid Petro – Indie Films

Steve Pham – VMTV

Bill Roelfsema – OnPoint

Eric Sheler – OnPoint

Michelle Sheler – OnPoint

Downie Streahl – Sports/Plus

Kevin Ton – VMTV

Lillie Towns – Silent Voices

Barb VanDuren – Chef Terri Right Hand

Arturo Varela – Mision Evangilistica

Chris Williams – Sports


5 Years


Ray Boisvenue – Fools for Christ

Karen Graham – Schubert Chorus/Plus

Mike Moll – Sports Announcer

Ron Schultz – Sports Announcer


10 Years


Mark Bergsma – Sports

Anne VanDreumel – Shubert/Plus/Plus


15 Years


Girbe Eefsting – Digital Cinema Guild

Eddie Grover – Various Shoots

Gary Vande Velde – Day in the Dirt/Sports/Plus

Mike VanDreumel – Mr. Fix It/Everything


20 Years


Mark Tangen – Dream Wheels/Festivals of Chefs

Dick Visser – Board/Direct: Reading Train/Beanie Babies/Crafty Ladies