Understanding American Football – A Seminar

football Most of the world plays “football” with the feet. They use a round, black-and-white ball. North Americans, on the other hand, use an oblong, brown ball to play “football” but only touch the ball with the feet on 13% of the plays.


If you grew up in the 95% of the world that plays soccer, then North American football is a mystery. The play is hard to follow, and the rules seem confusing. At work on Monday morning, you can’t join the water cooler conversation because you weren’t watching The Big Game over the weekend. Worse yet, at an afternoon sales meeting, someone says they’ll either have to punt or throw up a Hail Mary. Say what?!


Before you throw up your hands and give up, know that help is here: a 90-minute seminar on the rules of American football. We will show you, play-by-play, how the game works and teach you the essential vocabulary for watching a live game.  We’ll also go over cultural aspects like rivalries, tailgating, and The Wave. And we’ll talk about the common football expressions that Americans use in everyday life – both at work and at home.


And finally, to help you practice what you’ve learned, we’ll watch a televised game in the adjacent sports bar so you can apply your knowledge while nibbling tasty appetizers and sipping the beverage of your choice. Don’t be left out! Sign up today!