Trick your kids into veggies!

trick-kidThe struggle is real: Getting your child to eat just a few bites of his vegetables can be like pulling teeth. Frustrated? Well, here are five ways you can trick your kid into eating vegetables:

  1. Blend them into a smoothie. Add some kale into a strawberry and banana smoothie. Your child will never know the difference.
  2. Sneak them into baked goods. There are many baked treats that you can sneak nutritious veggies in. Check out this recipe for green zucchini muffins!
  3. Take your kids grocery shopping with you. Allow them to pick out their own vegetables. It will get them more excited to try them.
  4. Serve food your child already likes. Try adding peas or other vegetables into macaroni and cheese. This is an easy way to ease your children into vegetables. And who doesn’t like vegetables covered in melted cheese?
  5. When in doubt, turn them into soup. You can make vegetables savory and delicious by adding them to a stew or soup.

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