Traffic light in Kentwood scheduled to be replaced





If your route this week requires you to go through the intersection of 44th Street and Breton Avenue, you might want to find an alternative.


For one day only РWednesday, Dec. 7 Рthe Kentwood intersection will become a four-way stop while the traffic signal is replaced.


“The City of Grand Rapids was able to put in for a federal grant to fund the replacement work at the intersection,” said Tim Bradshaw, City of Kentwood’s Director of Engineering and Inspections. “Grand Rapids owns about an eighth of the intersection and Kentwood owns about seven-eighths of it.


“Grand Rapids was able to get about 80 percent in federal funding which helps significantly in creating a better, safer intersection.”


The equipment at the intersection was between 25to 30 years old, according Bradshaw. The signal heads and wiring are scheduled to be replaced with work at the intersection having started earlier this week.


From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the 44th Street and Breton Avenue intersection will be a four-way stop. Commuters passing through that intersection should follow the rules of the road for a four-way stop. Those rules includes yielding to the driver on your right if both vehicles come to the intersection at the same time and yielding to a driver who is at the intersection before you.


“We do expect traffic will get backed up there,” Bradshaw said, adding that the work may be done sooner depending on weather. Weather forecasts are indicating snow in the morning which could slow workers down, Bradshaw said.