The Rapids announces changes to bus route along 68th Street

The Rapid recently announced a route change due to the recent closing of the KMart on 68th Street.


Effective Monday, Jan. 16, the Route 1 southbound buses will no longer travel through the parking lot to the bus stops by the former KMart building. The Route 1 buses will travel west on 68th Street from Division Avenue to Clyde Park and then right on Clyde Park Avenue to Meijer located on 54th Street.


According to The Rapid, riders will still have access to the Orchard Plaza located on 68th Street via the current bus stop on 68th Street at the drive by Taco Bell, 695 68th St. SW, as well as a new bus stop located at the corner of 68th Street and Clyde Park Avenue.


Route 1 southbound travels Central Station up Granville Avenue to Fulton Street and then down Division Avenue across 54th Street, looping through Meijer at 54th Street and heading west on 54th Street and then south on Division Avenue to 68th Street. The route then heads east on 68th Street to Clyde Park and returns to the Meijer on 54th Street where the northbound Route 1 starts.