“The Mousetrap” keeps Audiences asking ‘Whodunnit?’

susanne_albaitisCivic Theater’s Inside Dish shares suspense!

The world’s longest running play, Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap”, captures the stage at Grand Rapids Civic Theater January 16 through February 1st. This suspense-filled murder mystery will have you guessing Whodunnit? right up to the final curtain.

The Inside Dish on "The Mousetrap" - suspense!
The Inside Dish on “The Mousetrap” – suspense!


Several guests arrive at an English boarding house during a snowy winter storm.  Within this cast of characters is a murderer and the audience is as swept up in the need to solve the crimes as are the guests.  Christie’s plot twists and turns keep the suspicions shifting.  The guests become ill at ease with each other knowing that one of them is responsible for the crimes.  Tensions run high among these snow-bound travelers and even the strongest bonds are tested.


This record-holding play had its humble origins as a radio show titled “Three Blind Mice”.  Christie changed the name to “The Mousetrap” on the insistence of Emile Littler who had produced a play by the same name prior to Christie’s.  When “The Mousetrap” began its run in the West End, there was little in the way of entertainment in people’s homes.  In its original run, the play lasted upward of four hours and was three acts long.  Modern times has forced the play to down scale a bit, now running for two acts in about half the time.


Come to the Civic and see for yourself why the suspenseful plot and intriguing cast of characters has kept “The Mousetrap” running continuously in London’s West End for 63 years.


Showtimes are Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30 PM, with a Sunday matinee performance at 2 PM.  Tickets are available by phone at (888) 695-0888 or on line at www.grct.org/purchasetickets.html.