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With Winter Finally Here, Keep Those Sidewalks Clean!

ci wyoming snow plowsIt took awhile, but Michigan finally decided it was time to let winter out of the basement and into the living room. With winter comes a barrage of snow that accumulates because of our trusted old friend Lake Michigan and its gift of ‘lake effect’ weather.


With snow comes the need to keep our roads and sidewalks plowed in order to keep citizen traffic flowing smoothly. A snow shoveled sidewalk keeps citizens walking on the sidewalks and off of the roads. It’s going to be a team effort to keep the sidewalks snow free this winter.


In the City of Wyoming, the City has a contractor hired to keep the sidewalks cleared. However, if there aren’t at least two inches of snowfall by 10 p.m., the contractor has to wait until the morning to start clearing. During that time the snow can get packed down, making it difficult to clear.


While the City does hire a service to clear the roads and sidewalks, it’s also up to the citizens and the business owners to do their part to keep the sidewalks cleared! Even if you don’t use the sidewalks, your neighbors might, and it’s your responsibility to make sure your portion of the sidewalk is snow free!


Take pride in your sidewalk and help make the City of Wyoming a safer place this winter.