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Cat of the week: Elegant Ellie

Meet Elegant Ellie!

By Sharon Wylie

Crash’s Landing


Each week WKTV features an adoptable cat from Crash’s Landing or Big Sid’s Sanctuary. Both cat rescue organizations were founded by Jennifer Petrovich, DVM (Dr. Jen), who is on staff at Clyde Park Veterinary Clinic (4245 Clyde Park Ave SW).


Elegant Ellie first arrived at Crash’s via the Veteran’s Home back in the fall of 2005. Because she was so alluring and outgoing, she was quickly adopted by a wonderful gal, who took her home and doted on her for almost nine years. Dr. Jen was fortunate enough to have been her veterinarian for seven of those years, so she got to see her on a regular basis and offer advice when her mom moved, got married and acquired a dog as a house mate.


When the furry and human family moved to Allendale in 2012, Dr. Jen lost contact with her, until an email came to us in August of 2014, asking us to take her back into our program. Seems that for some reason that summer, Ellie took to urinating inappropriately, first on the carpet and then on the couch. Her mom mentioned that the basement did flood due to a leaky pipe, and that is where her litter box was located, and they had a person stay in their finished basement which was previously Ellie’s territory.


As we all know, sometimes things WE think aren’t significant enough to warrant a behavior change can indeed be terribly upsetting to a cat, who will then act out by urinating where she shouldn’t. As pet owners, it is up to us to dive deeper into the issue at hand, not blame the cat for being ‘bad’ and figure out what can be done to rectify the problem. But, all members of the household have to be on board with this game plan, and sadly, this wasn’t the case with Ellie.


It was extremely difficult for her mom to have to make that tearful trip to the vet’s office to relinquish custody of her little girl, one she had been through so much with over the years, but decisions were made and that was that.


Ellie, born in early 2005, was as darling and adorable as Dr. Jen recalled, talking up a storm and purring and head-butting her like the long-lost furry friend she was! Dr. Jen promptly collected a urine sample, which did prove to be completely normal. Knowing that stress is a HUGE factor in feline house soiling issues, she gave Ellie a pep talk, told her to mind her manners, and prepped her for her return to Crash’s. She was in need of dental work, as she hadn’t seen a vet since she left our practice, so I took her to surgery and removed a bad tooth. She woke up ready and raring to go, excited for the next chapter in her life, eager and willing to make new friends.


In fact, within a day of arriving back at Crash’s, where she spent no more than a few weeks so long ago, this ebullient girl wanted OUT of the intake suite in a major way! She is extremely affectionate to all who cross her path, seems to really enjoy the company of other cats and is far more outgoing and accepting of her surroundings than Dr. Jen anticipated of a senior citizen new on the scene.


If Ellie continues to behave and beguile everyone with her winning ways, Dr. Jen has no doubt that she will be able to place her in a home again. She is simply too sweet and stunning to not afford her another chance!


Our policy has always been one of acceptance in spite of imperfections, and we are thrilled to be able to offer her that. Plus, it is very easy to become enamored by her beauty and energy, so we are quite happy to be hosting her once again!


  • Declawed
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Current on vaccinations

Want to adopt Ellie? Learn about the adoption process here. Fill out a pre-adoption form here.

Interested in volunteering at one of the cat shelters? Email volunteer@crashslanding.org.

Can’t adopt, but still want to help? Find out how you can sponsor a cat!

Crash’s Landing and Big Sid’s Sanctuary have a common mission: To take at-risk stray cats off the streets of the Greater Grand Rapids area, provide them with veterinary care and house them in free-roaming, no-kill facilities until dedicated, loving, permanent homes can be found.