SuperStar Senior Softball Sluggers at Kentwood Parks and Recreation!

Softball pic 1 softball pic 2   “Hit that ball out of here,” cried Tom from the dugout.   “Get a move on,” shouted Bruce to his softball team. Familiar dialogue in the ball park, Right?   What’s not so familiar is the ages of the players in the game. Kentwood Parks and Recreation has numerous sports leagues. The one I had the opportunity to witness was a coed senior citizen softball league featuring people aged 50-85. Last year’s 92-year-old Bob Gleason took the season off. 80-year-old first baseman and manager Bruce Beimers of the Athletics team has played for a very long, long, time. “I love getting the exercise, and I play the best I can at my age,” he explained. 69-year-old pitcher/manager Tom Buchanan of Red Sox fame loves the game and what it holds. “I like having bad knees, sore elbows and losing 18-7 today,” he said laughingly. Four teams play every Thursday in the summer and they are looking for more people to play both Summer and Fall Softball. And what is happening after the game?   softball pic 3 “We go home and take a nap!” Tom Buchanan explained. For more information,  and to sign up to play, please call: 616-656-5270 and ask for Lorraine. softball pic 4