Summer Home Security & Safety Tips

home safetyBurglars and vandals prefer committing crimes when the risk of being caught is low.  Add a home security and family safety review to your family’s annual spring/summer house-keeping routine to ensure your home and property are uninviting to lawbreakers.   While you are traveling this summer on vacation, there are steps you can take to protect your home and property while you’re away.


Use these questions to determine steps you can take to improve the security of your home:


Are all entrances to your home well lit at night?


Do trees, shrubs or structures obscure your doors and windows?Home sec 2


Could unlit or hidden areas around your home provide concealment for an intruder?


Are cars, vehicles or other personal property left outside or unprotected in poorly lit areas?


Are basement, ground-floor or second-floor windows or exterior doors or outbuildings left open or unlocked?


Does the appearance of your residence give the impression no one is home?


Are vehicles left outside?


The Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol provides free home checks to Wyoming residents who travel or go on vacation.  Contact 530-7308 for more information or to schedule a home check.