Slight changes in Kentwood water, sewer rates for 2017

By Victoria Mullen



After conducting an annual rate study and holding a 20-day public comment period, the Grand Rapids City Commission has set the water and sewer rates for 2017.


Because a portion of the Kentwood system is owned and maintained by the City of Grand Rapids (generally east of Breton Avenue), Kentwood residential customers will see some very slight changes in their quarterly water/sewer bills.


“The average residential customer will actually see a very slight overall decrease of 0.21% in their quarterly water/sewer bill for 2017,” said Tim Bradshaw, Director of Engineering & Inspections with the City of Kentwood.


The approximate changes to quarterly billing for the average customer are as follows:

  • Water: $2.15 (2.59 percent increase)
  • Sewer: ($2.46) (3.71 percent decrease)

There were no significant upgrades to the system, and Kentwood experienced minor growth via commercial and residential development.


“The main driver for the increase in the water rate is the need for the City of Grand Rapids to maintain a debt service coverage ratio of 1.2 to maintain their AA bonding status,” explained Bradshaw.