Seriously…Spring IS Coming!

Back by popular demand – the Robin!

by Sue Dixon


Okay, so we got 6 inches of snow two days ago. And yes, the snow mound in front of my house is almost as high as the roof on the front porch, but I saw FIVE robins just the other day when I was driving to the mall!


It’s difficult to remember what green grass looks like I know, but the recent days have been sunnier and this week we are supposed to have a high temperature near 40! These are all good signs that Spring is on its way.


So put on a coat, and go stand outside today just for a few minutes. Don’t clean your car off, or shovel your walk. Just stand and let the sun shine on your face. Listen for the birds; they are becoming more vocal now. Breathe in and remember what it smells like when the earth is warm and a gentle rain has just fallen. Imagine the buds erupting on the trees. Remember how bright green the new grass is and how everything just looks so fresh and new. Open your eyes and maybe say “hi” to a neighbor or the mailman.


Spring IS Coming. Yes, before we know it……..we just have to be patient!