See Will Juggle Nov. 7 and Nov. 11

Will Oltman, aka Will Juggle, courtesy his Facebook page

See a real-life introvert juggle as an extrovert on-stage. No mean feat, this, but it helps to take on a name that’s an incomplete, future-tense sentence. I mean, who’s juggling here?


The answer, of course, is self-explanatory.


Will Oltman, aka ‘Will Juggle,’ works corporate events, birthday parties and street performances, but perhaps the grandest audience of all was the U.S. President.


This month, Will performs in Grand Rapids and Kentwood at two venues:


Nov. 7 – performing as part of Comedy Outlet Monday at Dog Story Theater, 7 Jefferson Ave. SE, Grand Rapids. Show starts at 7 pm. Tickets are $5.


Nov. 11 – performing at Flowerland’s Holidazzle, Kentwood Flowerland, 4321 28th St. SE, Kentwood. 6-9 pm, free and open to the public. Registration required at