Round up the Family Appetite: Pizza Ranch opens on 28th Street in Kentwood

Pizza Ranch Fun Fact: Although it has the word 'pizza' in its name, Pizza Ranch is known for their fried chicken.
Kentwood’s Pizza Ranch is one of over 180 franchises in 13 states. In addition to pizza, Pizza Ranch is known for “The Country’s Best Chicken.”

by Meghan Dooley and Janice Limbaugh


Kentwood Mayor Steve Kepley along with Chamber of Commerce President Bob O’Callaghan and others, welcomed the official Grand Opening of Pizza Ranch to Kentwood on Tuesday, January 13. The legendary pizza, fried chicken and salad buffet is the brand’s third location in the state at 3858 28th St. SE.

Pizza Ranch is known for its fried chicken dinners as well as pizzas and buffet variety.
Pizza Ranch is known for its fried chicken dinners as well as pizzas and buffet variety.


The new restaurant employs 65 part-time and full-time workers which helps boost the city’s economic growth. For the community it means an alternative offering of pizzas, golden crispy fried chicken and fresh healthy salads, all in a fun, authentic, ranch-themed environment. Pizza Ranch also offers delivery, carryout and group meals of its entire menu.


“My wife grew up in Michigan and graduated from Grand Valley State University. A very close family friend is the owner of Sioux Falls South Dakota Pizza Ranch, and impressed us with his restaurant’s focus on community outreach. As we considered how to contribute to the warm community around Kentwood and Grand rapids, introducing a fun new business and some great food to the area was a no brainer,” says Jay Bell, owner of the Kentwood Pizza Ranch.


“The Pizza Ranch concept is a legendary experience in communities across the Midwest, and we’re thrilled to bring one to our wonderful family, friends and neighbors around Kentwood.”


The first Pizza Ranch opened in 1981 in Hull, Iowa and has since grown to over 180 locations in 13 states and is now based in Orange City, Iowa. Pizza Ranch in Kentwood continues to share the brand’s commitment to serving the community, and not just with its legendary buffet, by partnering with schools, churches, non-profits and other organizations to host fundraisers and social functions. Pizza Ranch restaurants also offer a Community Impact Night, during which members of a participating organization help serve Pizza Ranch guests while they earn tips and a portion of sales from that night. Pizza Ranch prides itself on providing these opportunities to raise awareness and much needed funding for community groups and programs that represent and serve their hometowns.


“We are prepared to bring all the Pizza Ranch features fans of the brand have grown to love,” added Bell. “We’ll have community gathering rooms, the legendary buffet, plus carryout and delivery.”


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