Reciprocal membership benefits for public museum, children’s museum members

Grand_Rapids_Public_MuseumThis month the Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) is partnering with the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum (GRCM) to offer reciprocal membership benefits for the month of October.


Through this partnership, GRPM members can visit the GRCM and receive free general admission. GRCM members in return can visit the GRPM and receive free general admission, free planetarium shows and free carousel rides. GRCM members will also be able to visit the new traveling exhibit Whales: Giants of the Deep at GRPM member pricing of $2 between October 22 and October 31, as well as visit Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! free of charge between October 29 and October 31.


Children's Museum“October is a great time to be a member of the GRPM!” said Kate Moore, Vice President of Marketing and Pubic Relations for the Grand Rapids Public Museum. “The GRPM partnered with the Children’s Museum in May this year, and with such a great success and partnership, we decided to do it again.”


“We love to partner with the Grand Rapids Public Museum on reciprocal memberships – there is so much for our members combined between the two organizations!” said Adrienne Brown, Marketing and Events Manager of the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.


For more information on the reciprocal membership benefits or to become a member of the GRPM, please visit