Police and Fire Appreciation Day


It’s time to honor our local law enforcement officers and firefighters!

Join Steve’s Antique Auto Repair and other local businesses on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015, for their Second Annual Police & Fire Appreciation Day from 12-3 pm at 1803 Farragut SW, Wyoming, Mich. Area restaurants like Main Street Pub, Tommy Brann’s, and others are providing food and refreshments. Expect a most excellent cake from Marge’s Donut Den.

Lately, the media has focused on the acts of a few bad cops. That gives people a skewed perception and often incites violence against law enforcement officers. Steve’s Antique Auto Repair wants to help change that perception.

K-9 Police Cruiser“The police are always here for us, and we never take the time to give a big thank-you to them,” says Harriet Sturim, PR Manager of Steve’s Antique Auto Repair.

Husband, Rick, and son, Steve own the business, which repairs cars 1972 and older—before the advent of computers and catalytic converters, back when you could put an ear toward the engine and figure out the problem.

“The police are very involved in our community,” says Sturim. “They come to business meetings and keep us informed about crime in the area or bad checks circulating. They patrol our businesses at night and leave a business card letting us know that all was well at 2:00 a.m. We need the police, and we support them.”

Expect to see some cool cruisers, crime scene vans, EMT rescue ambulances, and big fire trucks. The public is welcome to join in the festivities, but no unescorted kids are allowed. “Parents must keep an eye on their small children at all times,” says Sturim. “This is an active garage, with machinery, tools, and cars.”