Pinery Park Little League on the Right Track

PineryParkBy: Mike DeWitt

Following weeks of speculation about whether the Pinery Park Little League (PPLL) would exist after 60 years of operation, the PPLL and the City of Wyoming agreed on a new contract to keep the league in charge of youth baseball.

Pinery Park Little League was in jeopardy of losing its contract with the City of Wyoming and Pinery Park due to a lack of transparent bookkeeping and the loss of nonprofit 501(c)(3) status.

The League made tremendous progress ironing out those issues over the past two weeks.

“I guess it took some major deadlines in order to have this contract happen,” exclaimed Mayor Jack Poll at the October 5 City Council Meeting. “I think it’s a good agreement. It protects both the park and those involved with the PPLL.”

There is new leadership within the League as almost an entirely new board was voted in during the elections on September 30. Mayor Poll was in attendance and cast his vote for the League leaders.

It is clear the new board wants the new contract and agreement to work. The members are shouldering a large responsibility to meet the requirements of the contract. The new board will have to prepare and show financial statements to the fiduciary handling the league’s financials. The PPLL board will meet on a regular, scheduled basis to stay on top of happenings throughout the league.

One of the main hiccups was the loss of 501(c)(3) status for the League back in 2011. The IRS has received and is reviewing the PPLL’s application to reinstate that status. The League must now wait 60-120 days for an answer from the IRS.

“The Pinery Park Little League knows how to run a league, they’ve been doing it a long time,” said Mayor Poll.

Now the league, the City, the parents, and the players can focus on the most important aspect… PLAY BALL!