Our picks for the top techie gifts for the season

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By Deidre Burkholder

‘Tis the season of running around to buy things for family and friends. The Christmas shopping season is officially in full swing. So in order to help with your shopping I’ve put forth my top five tech buys for the 2016 holiday season.
1. Portable Device Charger: With our lifestyle being so much on the go go go. Small and light this would make a great gift for anyone living the fast paced mobile life. Small and light weight and under $25* it may just be worth to pick a couple up to give as gifts and keep one for yourself.
2. Wireless kitchen scale: I’ve spoke before about how I think a wireless scale is must for the kitchen and this one tickled all my digital fanciness. For a $99* price tag it does jump up into my luxury item but this may be worth it, especially with all the holiday baking. While you’re baking, a scale like this maybe a great tool to get the kids involved in the kitchen too. What kid doesn’t want to help make cookies?
3. Hydra Water Bottle : The water bottle to end all water bottles? This one would be it. Bluetooth with speakerphone, charges my phone, built in light and it will hold water. I think I just would have to make sure this is in my camping gear from now on.
4. Wireless Headphones : Last year the wireless portable speakers was on my list. This year wireless headphones make my top 5. With more than 5,000 customer review these are a must see item. Looking to a brand name your familiar with, I offer you these from Sony.
5. Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker: In today’s world it seems like we are constantly on the go go go. From the moment we wake up it seems we barely get a chance to breath. Sprie says it allows you to discover calm. Breathe better, Live better.
Hopefully one of these items help cross someone off your Christmas shopping list or maybe even give you an idea for a gift for yourself. Remember no matter what you give or receive that best present is the time you spend with family and friends. Happy Holidays everyone.
*Pricing at the time when article was written. All pricing is subject to change. Author does not receive compensation and the opinions express are solely that of the author’s.