Optimistic Mayor Poll Enters Second Term

janice_limbaugh“Be involved and be informed!” ~ Mayor Jack Poll

By Janice Limbaugh


These words of Mayor Re-elect Jack Poll have been and will continue to be, his signature message to Wyoming residents as he begins his second term in office. The unopposed mayor, who was sworn in on Tuesday evening, plans to continue to build on the progress made over the last several years.


The improvements included new streetscape lighting along 28th Street, newly installed water mains and water services, and the initial construction of Silverline stations along Division Avenue.

Wyoming Mayor Jack Poll sworn in for a second term.
Wyoming Mayor Jack Poll sworn in for a second term.


“I’m very optimistic,” Poll says. “Our city is continually improving thanks to our proactive leadership and citizen involvement.”


According to Mayor Poll, one of the city’s top initiatives is improving the newly formed Public Safety Department. The mayor believes that the city’s efforts for the merger are successful so far, and will continue to create a “hybrid” public safety program not typically seen around the country.


“We are going to be a public safety model for other city governments,” he states explaining that the proven financial sustainability is in decreasing administrative costs and crossing over responsibilities and duties of well-versed police and fire professionals.


Over the next five years, Mayor Poll expects to see progress on the re-development of 28th Street between Clyde Park and Burlingame known as 28 West, improvements and remodeling to Wyoming Village at Michael and 28th, and the revamping of the Downtown Development Authority.


As for concerns for the city, the mayor is quick to point out the aging of the current city council and the absence of younger council members. Six out of the seven current council members, have stated that this will be their last term.


“That will be a huge turn over,” says Poll. “We need to find and recruit younger people to get involved and interested in managing the future of this city. We’re making great progress and need to continue the momentum.”


For the first time, the city hosted a Citizen’s Public Safety Academy this fall as a means of engaging and encouraging residents to take a behind-the-scenes look at their police and fire services. Over 20 people participated in the program, prompting Mayor Poll to continue the academy again next year.


“We would do well as a community if every citizen could attend and learn everything about their city,” he says.