OnPoint Tutorials, Tips & Tours – the show about all things creative

The crew prepares for an upcoming taping of OnPoint Tutorials.
The crew prepares for an upcoming taping of OnPoint Tutorials.

By Thomas Hegewald

A story begins with an idea; a television series with a concept.


Last spring, four of my coworkers and I met to discuss the possibility of producing a television series. Our previous endeavor, a nine-part series (Quilt Show Tutorials), was attracting thousands of views on YouTube. We could build on this success and produce a regular series to air on WKTV. Initially, we’d focus on quilt-related topics, adding other craft segments later. When a fellow quilt and craft enthusiast joined our ranks, our six-member production team was complete and Frayed Productions was born.


Nancy Roelsema, the host of OnPoint Tutorials
Nancy Roelfsema, the host of OnPoint Tutorials

We began recording our show, OnPoint Tutorials, Tips, & Tours in July 2015. Each month we record a number of segments for a half-hour program. In addition to providing our viewers with step-by-step tutorials on a particular technique, we also feature helpful tips and an insider’s view of local trade shows, quilt stores and guilds, and artist’s studios.


Utilizing the HD studio and field cameras, studios and edit suites available at WKTV Community Media allows us to focus on the content of our shows without the added stress of equipment costs. Four of our team members have degrees in broadcasting or a related field, so working in this environment helps us to develop our skills in television production. In addition to assisting us with our recordings, the WKTV staff created a new set which we personalize for each show.


OnPoint Tutorials, Tips & Tours – the show that focuses on all things creative. We’ll cover everything from A to Z – appliqué to zentangles. Airing Mondays at 6 p.m. and Fridays at 10:30 a.m. on WKTV Community Media.