Once in a lifetime experience at the 2014 Rose Bowl

Memories will last a lifetime

By Colleen Pierson

Rose Bowl Colleen

The smell of Roses was oh so sweet!   It was an experience of a lifetime for our family to attend the 2014 Rose Bowl.   Our son Robert is a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Finance.  It was a dream of his to be there.  Our financial advisor said it would be too expensive to go.  I am glad we ignored him.  The memories will last a lifetime.


The MSU football team has waited over 26 years to bring home the title.  We decided that we had to be there to witness the team’s efforts.


“It was the best day of my life,” Robert Pierson said after the MSU football team win.  Robert and friends


The experience was a costly one, but well worth it.   We drove to Chicago, flew to Las Vegas, and drove to Pasadena.  Finding lodging was a difficult task.  I finally found a small apartment within walking distance of the parade and game.  It was very expensive, but convenient.


We were able to take in Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and attend the Pep Rally of 27,000 people.  In addition, we savored every moment at the Rose Bowl Parade and Game.  The weather was a perfect 75 degrees on a daily basis and the sun was always out.


There were times that I couldn’t even watch the game as I was so stressed out with the fiercely competitive nature of the game.  I could breathe again after Kyler Elsworth flew over the pile to make the final hit of the season.  To be part of the cheering crowd was an adrenaline high.


It was a storybook ending.  The 100th Rose Bowl game and all of its memories will be permanently etched in our minds and for the first time in 26 years—Spartans are Rose Bowl Champions.