On the shelf: ‘Haatchi and Little B’ by Wendy Holden

haatchiBy Lisa Boss
Anyone without a heart of stone will be moved by this brave boy and the fateful circumstances that brought Owen and the Anatolian together. Born with a genetic time bomb, Owen belongs to of one of those clubs that no one wants to join — those with very rare diseases.
Eventually diagnosed with Schwartz Jampel Syndrome, Owen’s muscles could not relax normally, causing pain and deformity.
At the same time that Owen was realizing the extent of his disability, withdrawing, and withering under the stares of strangers; not far away, a five-month-old puppy
was fighting for its life.
The puppy was the size of a large dog already, since he was one of the Turkish working guard breeds, bred for size, fearlessness, and the loyalty to never abandon their flock. A man had clubbed the puppy and left him for dead on some London train tracks. He was run over and grievously injured, but a series of incredible interventions saved him.
How the life journeys of these two fighters came together, along with the people, families, and institutions that supported them, really makes for a thoughtful, and incredible read. Yes, they’ve been featured on YouTube, and in several magazines, but you really want to read the whole story.
The book’s cover features a very small boy, holding on to a towering dog with gentle eyes, and Owen’s quote about his friend, “When Haatchi came, I wasn’t scared… he changed my life.”