On the Shelf: French Milk by Lucy Knisley

cvr9781416575344_9781416575344_hrFrench Milk

By Lucy Knisley

In the throes of becoming an adult, Lucy has an idea: she and her mother shall move to Paris. For a month. For both of their birthdays. Through some planning and words lost in translation, the mother-daughter trio start their adventure.
Lucy gives the reader a look into what it would be like for an American to uproot their life for a month and travel to a foreign country. Visiting museums and visiting the Eiffel Tower are obvious places they visited, but buying gourmet cheeses and delicacies only found in Europe are also highlights. Filled with intricate drawings and photographs, Knisley creates a unique story that will make the reader want to move to a foreign country themselves.
– Karen Herringa, Grand Rapids Main Library
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