On the Shelf: a few spring break offerings

1395807-198x300By Kayne Ferrier

Grand Rapids Yankee Clipper Branch 


Blue Heaven is the latest action packed book from C.J. Box. It tells the story of several retired, corrupt cops from Los Angeles and how they almost successfully cover up two major felonies, including a murder. But several factors contribute to their undoing: two little kids, a retired good cop from L.A. and an honest older rancher. The story has a lot of verisimilitude and a great ending. I recommend this book.


Another of Box’s book, Winterkill is one of the game warden Joe Pickett books. Box’s books always start off with a bang (no pun intended) and you’re off and running. Corrupt bureaucracy and good hearted, honest people butt heads in this tale of tracking down a murderer and blaming it on the most convenient suspect. Joe works to catch the real murderer and makes some new friends and enemies along the way. It all comes to a satisfying conclusion.



Real Life and Liars, by Kristina Riggle, is truly a book for adults, the older ones of us, that is. It takes place in Charlevoix, Michigan, over one weekend. Mira’s children are all in town to help her celebrate her 35th wedding anniversary. However, she has learned that she has breast cancer and Mira uses this time to review what her life has meant and what will come of it in the future. Philosophical questions that begin to nag at us as we enter middle age are the meat of this novel.