New Technology Keeps WKTV Looking Young

Two of WKTV's six editing bays available for community use.
Two of WKTV’s six editing bays available for community use.

mike_dewittAfter 40 years of serving as Wyoming and Kentwood’s community TV station, WKTV is finally over-the-hill. While some may see a 40th birthday as getting old, the technology available here at WKTV says otherwise. It’s what keeps the stations young, fresh, fast and…well… new!


The mission at WKTV is to connect the community through media and create media literacy. That’s a fancy way of saying “You have a story to tell that we want to hear, and we have equipment that you can use to tell that story… for free!”

A look inside WKTV's Cinema Suite
A look inside WKTV’s Cinema Suite


WKTV boasts six Cannon field cameras that are available for checkout. Each camera has its own tripod and set of microphones – with or without cords – for anyone to use for an event or a project.


After you’re done capturing your footage, stay a little while at the station and finish off your work in one of WKTV’s six editing bays fully equipped with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro. Each editing bay is its own room with two large monitors to work on and sound units available for voiceovers.


Maybe you’re looking to film your own movie and want something with better resolution that what the Cannon cameras can offer. Well, WKTV recently purchased a state-of-the-art BlackMagic Camera that films at double the resolution of HD! Pair that with the station’s digital cinema program – an editing bay with three full monitors and audio tuning – and WKTV has everything a storyteller needs to bring that story to life.

Studio A and its control room.
Studio A and its control room.


If checking out cameras isn’t your thing, and you’d rather run your own show in a TV Studio, WKTV has a full studio open to the community. Cameras, teleprompters, lights, and a control room are all available to make your show run smoothly, and look good too.


There is no fee to rent out any of the equipment either. The only stipulation is that you must create a project WKTV can air on one of its three channels.

The inside of WKTV's Mobile Unit
The inside of WKTV’s Mobile Unit


On top of all that, WKTV is able to offer the community a chance to participate in the production of a live sports broadcast. The station is home to a 35-foot mobile unit that is one of the largest in Michigan. The truck is used to broadcast high school sports in full HD multiple nights a week. Volunteers are used for the entire production from filming and announcing in the stadium to directing and cutting replays from inside the truck during the game.


There’s something at WKTV for everyone. If you have a story, we want to hear it. Over 400 volunteers come through the station every year, so the question is, why not you?


Stop by WKTV at 5261 Clyde Park Ave SW, Wyoming.

Master Control Diner
The diner that acts as the master control room!