Muskegon Luge Track: Designed by an Olympian… Open to Mere Mortals

luge track and luger
By Victoria Mullen


Full disclosure: I did not come up with that cool title. You can thank the folks at Muskegon Winter Sports Complex & Luge for that wonderful burst of creativity.


If you’re like me, winter is not your favorite season. Believe it or not, though, there are millions of people out there who actually enjoy cold weather activities.


If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck: Muskegon Winter Sports Complex in Muskegon State Park offers skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing–and luge. If you’re not familiar with the sport, go here for an interesting read on its history.


One of only four luge tracks in the United States, the 850-foot Muskegon Luge Track is shorter in overall length than the Olympic tracks located in New York and Salt Lake City (3740+ feet) but provides an Olympic thrill with the safety of the participant in mind. (There is also a naturbahn style track in Marquette, Michigan, by the way.)

What To Expect & What is Provided


Whom do we have to thank for the availability of this activity right here in west Michigan–and in Muskegon, to boot? None other than three-time Olympian Frank Masley



The track consists of six curves and two starting areas. Public participants slide from the 3/4 mark at speeds up to 30 mph. The track is designed specifically for general public use and those who never have slid before.


Although Olympians do not generally train here, the sports complex serves as a public and youth development seeding program to the USA Luge program. Five-time Olympian and two-time Olympic medalist Mark Grimmette got his start here. While here sliding, participants may receive some instruction and tips from one of the youth program athletes, some of whom are team members on the USA National Teams.


The facility provides all the equipment needed, including the use of a finely tuned Austrian or Latvian luge sled. Participants are provided with sanitized helmets and forearm pads. Heads up: Participants are expected to carry their own sleds to the top, and those puppies weigh around 30-40 pounds each.


For the initiate, there are coaches on hand to teach steering and safety techniques. After that, participants are set free to slide as many times as they can during the session. Runs are timed at the end of the session and awards are given out at the podium to the top finishers.


Of course, what’s an activity opportunity without the fine print? Before you can participate in luge, you must show proof of health insurance.

Costanother pic of luge

$45.00 per person on Saturdays and Sundays
All Luge Tickets must be purchased in advance through an online reservation system. Due to limited space and increased demand, tickets cannot be reserved nor can tentative reservations be made. Group discounts are not available on Saturday or Sundays.


$40.00 per person for Friday Night Under The Lights
Special night rate for individuals and groups 6-8:30pm. Get your tickets here.