Movers for Moms

Mother’s Day has always been a time of celebration and joy, but not for everyone. It may be a time of hardship if a Mom is going through troubles– spending time in a shelter due to domestic violence.

Movers for Moms has been there to make life a little bit easier for many abused women in the West Michigan community. Two Men and A Truck 2 Two Men And A Truck has teamed up with local churches, schools and child care centers to collect donations for women who have dealt with domestic abuse. They provide items for mothers and children such as clothes, toys, and other necessary belongings on Mothers Day to give them hope in the face of a crisis. It’s a program that is worked on year long and this is the 8th year.

One of the daycare facilities that helped out this year was Rainbow Child Care Center in Byron Center.  Stacy Shotko is their Regional Manager, and she is very excited about the Movers for Moms project.  Rainbow Child Care Center in Byron Center Rainbow Child Care Center Pic 2

“What a better place to do this project than at a child care center where we are seeing Moms and working with them every single day,” she explained.

Each year, Movers for Moms donates to a different local shelter and this year it’s Safe Haven Ministries.  This non-profit helps women and children who have been victims of domestic violence.

Ana Doonan, Development and Communications Director of Safe Haven is appreciative of all of the efforts of this highly successful campaign.

“The donations really takes the children’s minds away from abuse.  When you see them playing and reading books or watching movies, it is great,” she said.   Safe Haven Ministries

Last year was a record-breaking year with more than 220,000 items being collected and donated to shelters across the country. To find out how you can help, please visit:       Two Men and a Truck