Michigan Gets an ‘F’ with Transparency

michigan capitolWhen it comes to government ethics and transparency, the State of Michigan is failing miserably.

An investigation by The Center for Public Integrity on government transparency and accountability found that Michigan wasn’t doing very well. The State only scored 51 points out of a possible 100 and failed 10 of the 13 categories.

Even more alarming, 11 other states received a failing grade, but Michigan stood out as the worst and ranked dead last amongst all 50 states.

“The dark money that dominates Michigan politics takes on another definition in the daily workings of state courts, the legislature, the governor’s office and cabinet members,” describes Chad Selweski in his report. “That’s because the state doesn’t require officials to disclose their financial holdings and outside income.”

You can read Selweski’s full report here on the methodology and why Michigan’s scores are so low. To see how the states stack up against each other, click here.

Michigan falling scores