Mayor Stephen Kepley’s ‘Fun Five’ List

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Mayor Stephen Kepley is excited about bringing news businesses to Kentwood.

Kentwood Mayor Stephen Kepley has a list. He refers to it as “The Fun 5.”  This is in reference to his business plan of bringing in five of his most-wanted businesses for the city of Kentwood. He has already succeeded in bringing in one on the list. Dave & Buster’s, a restaurant/arcade, will open on 28th Street SE sometime in the late spring of 2015.


“I am so thrilled they will be here in West Michigan and in Kentwood,” Kepley enthusiastically explained. “They are like an Adult Chucky Cheese and I have had lots of fun there. I can’t wait to be a customer.”


The other four businesses that are on his list– and may grace our community one day– are Chick-fil-A, The Cheesecake Factory, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods Market.


Kepley and his staff serve as trouble shooters to prospective business owners.


“We are a help not a hinderance,” he said. “We know the codes and ordinances—we try to become consultants and problem solvers. We don’t want to waste time and money for prospective clients or have them spinning their wheels.”


There is a positive movement in the City of Kentwood and Kepley is behind it. He is extremely optimistic about bringing new businesses to the area. He says that the deals are not simple and working with national firms can be a challenge.

Kepley is staying true to his campaign promise of bringing 400 new jobs to the area in 4 years. It is a goal, he strives for on a daily basis.


And for now, he whittles away on his “FUN 5” list one business at a time.

Mayor Stephen Kepley addresses his business plan to WKTV Community Staff members Mike DeWitt and Colleen Pierson



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