Marge’s is more than just a local donut den, it’s Home!


By Dalton Williams


“I wake up and I start solving problems, that’s what I do,” said Marge Wilson the owner of Marge’s Donut Den of Wyoming, MI.


Marge arrives to her donut shop at 4 a.m., 365 days a year since she established her business in 1975. Marge had worked 20 years in banking before she decided to buy the old Dixie Cream Donuts that she once went to as a kid and had fond memories made with her family.


“You’re a product of your home environment,” said Marge as she explained how her parents were always giving and creating good examples with a family environment. Never knowing any different from those times in her childhood, Marge has continued many of those traits and has created not only a strong business, but a large community family.


On a daily basis hundreds customers, new ones and many familiar faces enter through the doors where the slogan “Be kind, be good” is placed. Walking into a warm comfort feeling and mouthwatering bakery smell building it feels more like home kitchen rather than a business. The donut den has a very friendly atmosphere and customers are always welcomed in and treated as if they are family of Marge’s.


“Quality comes first,” is one of many mentalities at the donut shop where on average 5,000 donuts are made daily throughout the week. The same building where the regular donut and IMAG1230coffee group meet daily at their own table and with a personally made table cloth with nicknames and slogans embroidered.


The only exception is on Packi Day when a whopping 18,000 donuts are prepared for Fat Tuesday, the last day before Lent. There’s nothing like a 20 hour work day and thousands of customers later.


For a small family owned local shop to create such a reputation and consistency in making that many donuts on a daily basis it proves itself on the type of business that Marge’s is, as well as the workers.


Apple fritters and long johns are the customer favorites and most sold donuts at Marge’s. There are options and favorites for everyone who visits Marge’s. A huge variety of delicious home-made donuts and other baked goods fill the display cases, which makes it very hard to decide and settle on just one treat.


“Look at me, name it and I like it,” said Marge with a big smile and laugh when asked what her favorite donut choice was.


While the phone continously rings and customers line up in front of the donut case Marge is always on alert to assist with business. Marge always seems to take the initative to answer the phone or just greet and socialize with cutomers, her friends. This shows how much of a friendly kind hearted and hard working woman she really is.


It is obvious that Marge’s is more than just a business, but a place that can be like a home where great friendships happen and memories are made. Having her donut den function like this is one of the main highlights for Marge. She loves being able to help others in any way possible and to give, as she does often.



“The people,” said Marge after a long deep thought about what is most rewarding of owning the donut shop. “To be able to help people celebrate their occasions and work with their budgets is what’s best.”


Marge doesn’t work for herself, but for her customers and to create magical moments. Since her kids and now grandchildren are all grown up, Marge loves the children that she is able to see and watch grow up over the years as they visit her donut shop.


Stop by Marge’s anytime and you will be sure to be satisfied with donuts, but more importantly with friends, family, and memories in the making.