Marge’s Donut Den’s expansion is stopped

Exterior Marge'sFor almost 40 years Marge’s Donut Den has been a popular fixture in West Michigan. Donuts, cookies, cakes, and community involvement at its finest can always be found upon opening the doors.  This week, Marge received a stop work notice for her plans on expansion by a Wyoming building inspector.  She was going to take over two empty businesses which have been vacant for years right next door.  Now, plans are on hold.

Marge 7


75-year-old Marge Wilson said she is very discouraged and disappointed about the delay stating that there is so much bureaucracy and she can’t seem to get anything done.  She thought the addition would be done by Christmas.


“I am older and don’t understand anything about all the  codes involved, she said.   “It just seems like this will hurt the city more than me.  I had many community events scheduled that require larger spaces.”


Rebeccan Rynbrandt, Wyoming’s Director of Community Services, said that the city cannot waive any of the state laws, or building codes.


“We have a critical need for public safety on building codes on every single project,” she explained.


Fire systems and traffic management issues have to be addressed as well.


For now, plans have halted on the expansion but Marge’s Donut Den is still open for business as usual.    Marge