Marge’s Donut Den to host ‘Coffee with The Candidates’ on July 27

meet the candidatesCoffee with The Candidates Phase II is Wednesday evening, July 27th from 5-8 pm.

With the August 2 primary election just around the corner, we ask you this: Who are the candidates for Judge? Who is running in the local city commissioners’ race in the August primary? What about State Reps?


No clue?

Fear not. There’s still time to get informed, and here’s a great way to meet the people who are running for office. Don’t miss your chance to hear directly from the candidates and come face-to-face with our future, six days prior to the August 2 primary election. And be sure to bring family and friends with you.

We The People 2016


Marge Wilson will provide her world-famous Marge’s Donut Den‘s cake, donuts, ice cream and other awesome and amazing goodies courtesy of her 41-year local business.


“It’s a great way to get informed,” said Marge Wilson, who got the idea for Coffee with the Candidates from the Chamber of Commerce. “Nobody speaks or makes a speech. Just come in and meet the people who are running for office. At the first meeting, I learned so much about the county clerk office. Before, I had no idea what the position involved. It was really interesting.”


Everybody is welcome to attend and all candidates are invited.

You’ll meet Stan Ponstein, Curt Benson, Thomas P. Murray Jr., Joe Rossi, Marissa Postler, Thurston Willoughby, Rusty Richter, Tommy Brann, Jon Hess, Christopher Reader, Rachel Hood, Dana Knight, Deborah Myers McNabb, and maybe even more!


Be there… and know who you’re voting for!