Letter to the Editor: Random Act of Kindness

Random acts of kindnessBy: Dorothy Simon-Tibbe


An angel was spotted yesterday at Blodgett Spectrum hospital. His name was Bob.


He was sitting in the Radiology waiting room next to me for well over three hours. I asked him if he also had a partner undergoing tests like my husband. Bob replied that he did not know the young woman that he brought to Blodgett for an ultrasound.


As we continued to wait, and visit with each other, he told me he was driving between job sites when he saw a young woman trying to walk in the heavy snow. She was stumbling, so he stopped to ask her if she needed help. The woman stated that she was walking to Blodgett Hospital. She was pregnant and had a 9 o’clock ultrasound appointment.


Bob drove her to the hospital and waited for well over three hours for the young lady to return from her test. She would never have been able to walk that distance from Kentwood to Blodgett.


I know I talked to an angel yesterday. He was disguised as a contractor.


You never know who you’re going to help with any random act of kindness.