Lamp Light Music Festival — and workshops — Nov. 4, 5 & 6

Artwork courtesy Lamp Light Music Festival

Where else can you get up close and personal with talented musicians but in someone’s living room or basement?


Such is the draw of Lamp Light Music Festival, now in its fifth year. Although the concept of house concerts is nothing new, the fact that they exist in Grand Rapids at all is cause for celebration.


This weekend, Nov. 4-6, four neighboring homes — all on Benjamin St. SE in Grand Rapids — will host 21 acts and seven workshops (“Experimental Film Photography,” “Floral Mandala Making,” “Intro to Natural Dyeing,” “Kombucha 2.0 Bloom Ferments” and “Sprouts and Nutrition”).


As its website states, “Lamp Light Music Festival is a house concert festival designed to celebrate music and community in the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids. Bringing together musicians and audiences within such a setting promotes opportunities for meaningful and sustainable exchange.”


Here’s the artist lineup:


Abigail Lapell
Alexander Lynch
Allen Karpinski and Tucker Theodore (of The Six Parts Seven)
Arrow Hill
Boroscilicate Purl
Brian Mulder
Cold Country
Cynga Lyra
Dear Tracks
Fiona Dickinson
Heavy Color
Joey Dosik + Theo Katzman
Jonathan Timm
The Great Ones
May Erlewine
Mega Powers
Michael Beauchamp and My Northern Voices
Nathan K
Oliver Houston
Rachele Eve
Rebel Kuzco
Seth Bernard
Steve Leaf
The Go Rounds
The Hunt Is On
The Seventh
The Soil and the Sun
The Youngest
Tom Hymn
Ty Maxon
Upstate Rubdown
Wu Zee

Tickets range from $15 for a single show to $40 for a weekend pass. Go here to get yours. Please note: If you plan on purchasing tickets at the festival they are taking cash only.


Here’s the schedule, courtesy of the Lamp Light Music Festival website: