Kentwood Public Schools Seeking New Bond on November 3rd

In May of 2015, the proposal on the Kentwood school bond narrowly failed. After months of gathering feedback and re-evaluating district needs, the bond is being resubmitted for vote on November 3rd.

The revised proposal calls for the residents of Kentwood School District to vote on a $64,860,000 school bond that will enhance safety, improve technology, and increase operational efficiency over a ten-year period. For a homeowner, the proposal would cost about 72 center per week (an increase from 3.5 mills to 4.25 mills) for every $100,000 in market value of your home.

Kentwood Public Schools High SchoolAs a Kentwood resident, here’s where your money will be going if the new bond is passed:

Safety and Security (27% of bond)

•    School entryways will be remodeled, ensuring a friendly lobby for our families, while providing limited access to our students and classrooms.
•    Enhanced security measures will be implemented in all schools. Cameras and ID monitoring will provide remote access for security purposes.
•    Pedestrian and vehicle traffic challenges will be addressed to create safe, more efficient environments for students and parents as they travel to and from the Kentwood facilities
•    Building-wide communications systems will be brought up to date.
•    Aging school buses will be gradually replaced, as need. The district currently has a fleet of 43 buses, but only 38 are operational. Bus purchases have been deferred for the last four years and has cost the District by doubling bus routes and maintenance expenses. If approved, bus replacements will begin during this school year.
•    Playgrounds will be updated to meet current safety standards.

Kentwood Public SchoolsTechnology (25% of bond)

•    Purchasing new computers and devices to replace outdated technology.
•    Upgrades to the District’s network infrastructure and modernizations at each school location to support and serve more wireless technology.
•    Remodeling media centers with technology updates.
•    The creation of flexible Collaboration Center spaces which will focus on state-of-the-art technology and large group instruction throughout the District.
•    Replacement of obsolete student technology devices. If approved, will begin during this school year.

Operational Efficiency and Building Renovations (48% of bond)

•    Plumbing, mechanical, electrical and building systems that require investment will be upgraded to extend their useful life and improve operational efficiency.
•    Aged doors and windows will be replaced where necessary to improve building efficiency.
•    Building finishes will be refreshed with new carpet, ceilings and other interior improvements, such as furniture.
•    Parking lots and paved areas will be improved and expanded as needed.
•    All elementary school media centers will be renovated, including new technology and furniture.
•    Collaborative, multi-purpose learning centers will be created in each school in order to support 21st century education practices.
•    A per-student allocation of funds for furniture upgrades and replacements for all elementary, middle school and high school students.
•    Meadowlawn Elementary renovations, including the addition of a gymnasium, that will bring it up to District-wide standard.
•    New community entrance for after-school and recreation programs (youth arts and athletics) will be built at Valleywood Middle School.
•    Locker room remodeling and upgrades will take place at Pinewood and Valleywood Middle Schools for use by students and community.
•    Fine arts classrooms at East Kentwood High School will be renovated.

Kentwood Public Schools BusThe previous bond came through on every project that was promised to the community and also did so under budget on 90% of the projects!

Three public information forums will be held at different locations leading up to the election on November 3rd. Those dates and locations are as follows:

•    Thursday, October 8 at 7:00 p.m. at Kentwood High School in the West Wing Commons
•    Tuesday, October 20 at 9:00 a.m. at the KPS Main Office, 5820 Eastern Avenue
•    Thursday, October 29 at 5:00 p.m. at Challenger Elementary

Specific building project listings and renderings for each school are on display at

More information can be found on the Facebook pages for Kentwood Public Schools and Kentwood Friends for Education.



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