Kentwood High School Alumni gives back!

J.D. talking to students
An opportunity to give back as J.D. talks to Teen Leadership students at Kentwood Public Schools.
J.D. tells the class what it was like to serve in Afghanistan.

To teach, is to touch a life forever!


This seems apparent with the remarkable relationship that was forged between former Kentwood student J.D. Marsiglia and his former Teen Leadership teacher Mr. Joe Pellerito.


“When I first took his class, I was so shy, I could hardly speak in front of anyone,” Marsiglia told WKTV during a recent phone interview.


And now, he believes in giving back to the teacher who impacted his life so greatly.


Recently Mariglia, who is an Army Specialist in Gulf Company 3BSTB, spoke to Pellerito’s Advanced Teen Leadership students.


“The students were really interactive and asked me a lot of questions about my time in service in Afghanistan.  I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a sleep disorder.  I told them how I cope and how difficult it can be,” he explained.


J.D. also addressed these issues:


How important communication is in the army
His daily life in Afghanistan
Facing fears
The transition home
Speaking with authority figures
Teaching new recruits
What EK did to help prepare him for the real world
What’s next for him (college).


JD is currently an Army Specialist in Gulf Company 3BSTB 10th Mountain Division. He is a Team Leader and helps train the new soldiers.  JD just finished a 9 month tour in Afghanistan and is now stationed in New York.


The events of 9-11 are what made him join the Military.         J.D. Picture


“Anything can happen.  I am going to fight back for our country,!” he exclaimed emphatically.


Thank you to JD and all those serving our Country in the military!  And, isn’t it nice to know that one teacher made such a difference in his life.  Thanks Joe Pellerito for being such a great teacher.