Kentwood has the urge to purge, too

City of KentwoodBy: Mike DeWitt


As certain mammals hibernate through the winter, us humans treat winter as a time to become a pack rat. Whether it’s your house, car, or garage, no one likes tidying things up in the cold. However, once the weather turns and the sun peaks out over the horizon, suddenly cleaning becomes a lot more manageable. The warmth, coupled with the excessive amount of junk accumulated throughout the winter, gives people a reason to take pride in their surroundings and start spring fresh.


Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to be greeted with sighs a groans!


On Saturday, May 7, from 8:00am – 2:00pm, the City of Kentwood will host their annual Pride Day for the citizens of Kentwood to take pride in their community. The community wide cleanup will be held at the Kentwood Recycling Center (5068 Breton Avenue) and is limited to Kentwood residents with proof by picture identification.


“The cleanups originally started with dumpsters in neighborhoods, but it was more difficult to dispose of everything,” said John Gorney, Kentwood’s Director of Public Works. “Having the community cleanup at a central location makes everything run smoother for everybody.”


Gorney has been an advocate for community cleanup days since he started working with the City of Kentwood 9 years ago. He was quick to point out that the city has been offering cleanups well before he arrived.


“I’ve been here for nine years, but our community cleanups have been going on for much longer. It’s a great way for the city and the community to work together to properly dispose of big, and potentially dangerous, items that are accumulated throughout the year,” said Gorney.


While most items will be accepted, latex paint, medical waste, pharmaceuticals, ammunition, fireworks, tires, and yard waste will not be accepted. The Kent County Department of Public Works will be available to accept household hazardous waste items.


Joining in on the cleanup will be the Salvation Army and Comprenew. The Salvation Army will be on hand to accept gently used items for donations. Comprenew will also be present to receive electronic waste (mobile phones, computers, fax machines, and other items will be accepted at no charge. CRT screens will not be accepted, but they can be dropped off directly at any Comprenew commercial location for a small fee.


Those planning to attend Kentwood’s Pride Day are asked to enter the drive off Breton Avenue. Volunteers will be checking for valid residence identification and approved items for disposal.


If you have any further questions, or are seeking more information, please call the City switchboard during business hours at 698-9610.

Kentwood Pride Day