Keller Williams ‘Raw’, but in ‘Sync’ with gig at Intersection 

Keller Williams will be in solo concert this week at the Intersection Lounge in Grand Rapids. (Supplied/C. Taylor Crothers)

WKTV Staff


Buckle up for a wild ride this week as multi-instrumentalist Keller Williams brings his almost indescribable sound — and music from his latest release, “Sync” — to the Intersection Lounge in Grand Rapids.


Williams will be in solo concert Friday, March 17, at 8 p.m. in an all ages show. Tickets are available.


Williams’ latest release, “Sync”, released in January, is actually the first studio album from an ensemble going by the name of KWahtro, which features Williams on vocals and guitar, as well as bassist Danton Boller, guitarist and longtime Williams’ collaborator Gibb Droll and drummer Rodney Holmes.


Williams has said KWahtro performs “acoustic dance music,” according to supplied material.


But his solo shows often find him jumping between instruments and a looping machine, which he uses to build dense, intricate walls of sound.


However, also in January, Williams also released “Raw”, a 10-song collection of solo acoustic material with straightforward performances not enhanced by the looping Williams has become known for during his solo performances. “Raw” showcases the artist and his instrument, according to supplied material.


So, be prepared for that wild ride.


Tickets are $18 advance and $20 at the door (if available), For more information visit .